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V.I.P. Private Jet Charter

V.I.P. Private Jet Charter

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Let’s face it – any private jet charter should offer a V.I.P. experience, but some are better than others. You got to believe that when you walk up to your private plane (whether it’s actually ‘your’ plane or not is irrelevant here) you probably have high expectations, with good reason. The full “red carpet” treatment can look completely different from one charter company to the next. Some literally include a red carpet, but for most that’s just obnoxious. Whatever it is you may think is luxury, you can get, but sometimes you need to ask and other times you don’t. So let’s try to differentiate between what’s expected at a ‘minimum’ when you fly private and what you may consider ‘above and beyond’.

What to expect when flying on a private jet…
When you first pull up to the airport in your car (or Uber, limo, bicycle, tricycle, or however you get there), you will immediately feel ahead of the crowd because you can park (if you drive) 30 feet from the entrance to the airport, and by airport we mean a nice private entrance on the side of the airport only for private jet travelers. This means no police hassling you to hurry up and move out of the way, free parking (typically), and no lines of people! As soon as you step into the FBO (fixed base operation) you’ll be greeted by a friendly agent who will tell you to wait in a comfortable lounge while they call your pilot to meet you. Within no time (as long as you don’t arrive super early), your pilot will be greeting you and walking you steps to the private jet of your dreams. Step on board and you’ll be treated with unlimited snacks and beverages (yes, free alcohol included). No lines, super nice service, and unlimited food/drinks? Sounds the opposite of a normal airport, and like first class to the max. But to be honest, it’s really not even comparable to first class in any way because the the gap in the difference between first class and flying private is positively huge. You may or may not have flight attendant(s) and prepared food and some of the other amenities we’ll discuss in what not to expect when flying private.

Delightful surprises when flying private (or by request)…
Not all private flights are the same, but one thing for sure is that any private flight is exponentially more amazing than commercial flying. In addition to the previous mentioned benefits and amenities, some extras you can either ask for or hope for include drive up car service direct to the private jet (within a few steps). Yes, if you literally want a red carpet you can request one, but we’ll leave that for the Kim Kardashians and copycats of the world because most private fliers don’t need that type of attention, but hey, when you spend private jet money you can do whatever your little heart desires! Flight attendants come with some flights, but not all, so you can request them if you feel the need. Any amenities you want on board before you step on board, just ask the jet chartering company and they will most always have it ready for you. This includes food, newspapers, magazines, etc. If you have a long flight and want a special meal prepare mid-flight, make sure you coordinate this before hand. Yes, flight attendants can offer a big menu and prepare food in flight! Want a car ready to pick you up when you land? Just ask. Most FBOs will allow certain limo companies to drive up to the plane so you’re steps from your ride!

Sure, there are other amenities we didn’t include, but you’ll have to find out first hand by chartering a private jet and find out yourself!

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