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Stop Suffering Through Commercial Air Travel… And Start Enjoying True Luxury with Jet Class One

Stop Suffering Through Commercial Air Travel… And Start Enjoying True Luxury with Jet Class One

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Let’s be perfectly honest: Commercial air travel isn’t the best way to fly. Private air charter, including empty leg travel with Jet Class One, is far preferable. There are good reasons for this. Commercial air travel has a lot of drawbacks. It is, in fact, completely inferior to chartered private air travel in a number of different ways. The problems with commercial air travel start with the ways commercial air travel simply does not adjust to your needs and your schedule. In fact, it could be said that the lowest common denominator is what drives commercial air flights. Routes and schedules for commercial flights are based on what will transport the largest number of people to the most commercially lucrative destinations. It’s simply not possible to make everybody happy and to meet everyone’s schedule. Commercial air travel takes the largest number of passengers to a centralized series of destinations that make the most financial sense for the airline. The airlines know they are a monopoly, too. They treat their passengers accordingly, which is to say, very poorly, and in some cases almost like cattle. To travel by commercial air is to experience and endless series of indignities and inconveniences, discomforts and disappointments. Isn’t it time, then, that you looked at a better way of traveling by air? Isn’t it time that you considered the true luxury of Jet Class One? We think you deserve to experience that luxury and that enjoyment… and that’s why we are here for you.

So what does the lowest common denominator mean for you? It means that you’ll fly when the airlines determine they’re good and ready to have you fly. You’ll take as many connecting flights as they dictate. You’ll sit delayed for long layovers if they determine that’s what has to happen. Now, if schedules were reliable, and you didn’t have to worry about changes or delays at the last minute, this would at least be something you could plan for and compensate for. But commercial air flights are anything but predictable. They can be canceled without warning and based on any number of factors, from weather to equipment issues to staffing problems. If you’ve even spent a layover sitting on the tarmac in a cramped coach seat while the time to catch your connecting flight ticks away, all because there is no air crew available to move a plane from a terminal so that your plane can connect and you can debark, you know just how awful being at the mercy of the airlines can be. By the nature of commercial air flight, they have all the control and you have none. You have no input in the process.

Think you’ll complain and insist on being treated like a person? Think again. The airlines can always hold the threat of being put on a “no fly list” over your head. Your complaints will fall on deaf ears The problems of mistreatment of travelers on commercial airlines has gotten so bad that discussions about a “Passengers Bill of Rights” were made necessary. Call us crazy, but we don’t think it should have to be a matter of law or regulation that passengers cannot be made to sit trapped on a plane that is stuck on a runway for hour after hour, without proper restrooms or food and without air conditioning. But this is the reality of commercial air travel. It happens this way constantly. These aren’t even exceptions to the rule. They are the way air travel works in the United States and much of the western world. There has got to be a better way!
The airlines don’t care what you think and they don’t care if you’re happy. If your flight is delayed, if it’s canceled, if you miss your connecting flight, if you end up sitting in a plan on the tarmac when you could be debarking and getting on with your life, they don’t care. Flights that might be easy to take from point A to point B become tortured, twisted routes by the time the commercial airlines get done dictating what is to become of them. With commercial airlines, even a straight line isn’t efficient. For these and many other reasons, then, private air travel is much better than commercial air flight.

The comparison between taking a passenger bus or train compared to driving directly is unavoidable. When you drive your own car, you can decide when you leave, when you take breaks, whether you stop, and what route you take. When you take passenger travel, by contrast, you have to leave when you are told. The trip takes a lot longer than it might otherwise take. You have no control over it. You will have to make unnecessary stops and route changes. You’ll have to accommodate a large number of other passengers. And those passengers are a problem in and of themselves.

What, you hadn’t stopped to consider that? The experience of dealing with the public can be some of the most negative parts of flying commercial. This stands in stark contrast to the experience of flying privately. When you fly privately, you get to choose when you leave if you charter the flight yourself. A private charter jet doesn’t leave until you say it does. A private charter jet has only those passengers you decide are traveling with you. And even though you get less direct input when catching an empty leg flight from point A to point B, there is still a lot about the process that is entirely up to you.

Consider, too, the physical luxury of a private chartered aircraft over a simple commercial passenger liner. The first thing you must endure is getting to the airport hours and hours early. Then you must be searched, either by invasive machines that peer through your clothes, or by hands- on and often crude and unpleasant TSA personnel. People and baggage are routinely mishandled by TSA personnel, and there seems to be little accountability. Horror stories abound, but if you complain, again there is the threat to put you on a “no fly” list or have you arrested for violating one of many TSA rules. And of course there is the fact that the schedule given to you by the airlines, even when they don’t cancel flights, is laughable. The average person traveling commercially must struggle through long lines, hassles, indignities, and his fellow human beings, who are rude, impatient, and often very obnoxious. The personnel working the airline are sometimes just as unpleasant, to say nothing of the various conflicts you hear about taking place during the flights themselves. And once you’ve crowded onto that horror show that is a commercial airline, you’ve got precious little time to cram your allowed belongings into the overhead bins and then fold yourself up into your tiny seat. There you can hope you won’t get a blood clot in your leg or something while you sit there without room to move for the duration of the too-long flight. This is the commercial air travel experience: No room to move, no room to be comfortable, precious few amenities aboard the plane, and rude personnel throughout the process. What could possibly make anyone want to endure such a process?

Private charter jets such as those offered by Jet Class One provide you with the complete opposite of the commercial airline experience. We must provide good service to remain a going concern, and that means that for each one of our clients, satisfaction is key. We have a reputation to uphold, and we’ll do that by giving you the best service possible. A trip that would take forever by bus, train, or even car will be much faster when you travel by air. When you travel by chartered air flight, you’ll get the best possible experience when it comes to traveling in style. Our luxuriously appointed planes are just the start of the creature comforts and dignified, relaxing atmosphere you will experience as you travel. Truly, Jet Class One is the better alternative in travel. Jet Class One has none of the disadvantages of commercial air travel, which are many, an all of the conveniences of moving by air and doing so on your terms.

At Jet Class One, we treat every passenger with respect. We will give you the experience that you want in a private air carrier. We are in a position to offer you a tremendous amount of luxury, freedom, and flexibility. Just look at the interior of our private aircraft. Consider what it would be like to sail through the skies in one of our luxury cabins instead of crammed into a commercial airliner’s cattle car. Are you ready for affordable, comfortable private air travel, on your time and on your terms? Does the thought of flying commercially fill you with dread and irritation? Have you always wanted to fly privately, but never had the chance to try it? Or were you simply not ready yet to take that next step and book a flight with a private charter airline? Whatever the reason, the time to book with Jet Class One is right now. Contact us today and ask us about booking a flight.

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