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Private Air Travel: A Better Experience, but More Cost Effective and Efficient, Too

Private Air Travel: A Better Experience, but More Cost Effective and Efficient, Too

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If you’re like a lot of people, you probably think traveling by air is expensive. The thing is, your ideas about air travel are based on the old commercial travel model, which is now woefully outdated. Travel with us instead. Get a better experience with Jet Class One. Our flights are conducted on your timetable, on your terms, and according to what you want and need. Are you worried that commercial air travel might be too expensive? you needn’t be. When you compare the real cost of a private chartered flight with the hidden cost of a commercial airline flight, you’ll find out that you won’t actually be saving money by flying commercial versus flying chartered private aircraft.

Let’s look at some of the hidden costs of commercial air travel. How much is your time worth? What could you be doing with your time when you are instead trapped in a TSA screening line, waiting in a terminal through some eternal delay, or sitting in a cramped airplane while being told that you’re not allowed to get up, go to the bathroom, or use your phone or tablet? You can’t even get a decent nap on an airplane the way the airlines are run these days. Just reclining your seat might touch off a war with the nut sitting behind you. It’s happened before on commercial airlines and it will happen again. Air travel wastes your time in any of countless ways. By the time you’re done getting to the airport early, dealing with delayed flights and layovers, getting to your destination and then getting transportation from the airport, did you really save any time at all versus traveling by land? Flying indirectly and having to switch planes adds even more time to your journey. And the worst part is that even with the simplest of air travel plans, your flight could be a torture mess of connecting flights and routes that go out of your way. This means even more wasted time.

So what is your time worth? All those wasted hours could add up to considerable cost. And of course you’re presented with a serious problem when you book your flights commercially. You can either schedule everything as tightly as you can so that your total flight and wait times are minimized, or you can schedule lots of extra time to cover any potential delays you encounter. If you do the former, the second there is a single problem at any point in your travel, you will end up missing a connecting flight. If you do the latter, you probably won’t miss your flights, but you’ll end up doing hour after hour of sitting and waiting. The wasted time adds up to hour after hour of spent opportunity cost. Those are hours you could be spending doing almost anything else. You could be working and earning money, something you can’t do easily on a commercial flight. You could be using your time to enjoy yourself. Most people get precious little enough leisure time. You could be doing absolutely anything but sitting in a busy terminal or sitting in a cramped airliner. To state it bluntly, commercial air travel is boring, it’s wasteful, and it is not cost-effective. In fact, we’d be willing to argue that from trip to trip, the average person might just be better off traveling by land.

With Jet Class One, everything is different. When you book with us, we’ll make sure that your travel experience is far superior to that of traveling by commercial air flight. There’s simply no way it could not be, because as a charter airline we have a kind of flexibility and freedom that commercial airlines simply can’t offer. We have the ability to focus on you as a person and to cater to your needs specifically. This is something that commercial airlines simply can’t do because they are have to cater both to the lowest common denominator and to the largest number of people moved over the greatest distance.

Commercial air flight is very stressful. Commercial airlines are all about moving the largest number of people around. There is no room for focusing on individual needs and individual flight experiences. It’s all the commercial airlines can do to serve refreshments on flights these days, much less any other amenities of any kind. If your flight goes perfectly as planned and according to schedule, it’s still not fun or pleasant. At best, it’s something you put up with. Do you walk off that plane feeling better off? Are you ready to enjoy your destination when you get there, or are you exhausted and drained, cranky an irritable?

Jet Class One makes traveling by air relaxing and even fun again. Taker one of our empty leg flights or book a private charter with Jet Class One and see the difference. Get the most luxurious, relaxing, comfortable flight experience every time. From the first time you book with us to the next time you fly with us, we will show you what commercial air travel SHOULD be like. Book a flight with Jet Class One and finally get to see what it’s like to travel as a VIP.

Booking a flight with Jet Class One is easy, depending on how you choose to schedule your flight. Are you booking a charter of your own, or catching an empty leg flight to get from one place to another? Pre-planning definitely makes a difference. You’ll see this information elsewhere on our site, but as a reminder, an “empty leg” is just what it sounds like: Other private charter clients have taken one of our aircraft to a location, but will not be traveling on the plane as it moves to its next stop. Given that we would always prefer to have our planes enjoyed, rather than sending them empty, you can book one of those empty legs if the travel time and locations match up to your needs. We keep everything up to date and organized here on our site so that you can always easily find the available empty leg options. Many of our clients find this an affordable and more convenient option compared to commercial air travel, especially when our available empty legs match nicely to what our clients are looking for. We guarantee that flying one of our empty leg flights will always be preferable to flying commercially when it comes to the comfort and peace of mind of flying privately versus flying commercially.

But maybe you don’t want to catch an empty leg. Maybe you’d prefer to get the full VIP treatment aboard one of our luxurious planes, which leaves when you say, arrives per your schedule, and travels directly to the destination of your choice from among our available stops. You can get in touch with us 24 hours a day to book your private charter. At Jet Class One, you are a VIP from the moment you contact us. We will always respond to client inquiries and do our best to provide you with as much information as possible. Are you interested in booking a flight? Do you have questions about the booking process or how private chartered air travel works? Just get in touch with us. We would be happy to give you all the information you need. Commercial airlines withhold information. At Jet Class One, we provide information that you require to make intelligent, informed decisions, and to get the most out of your commercial air travel experience.

Step aboard one of our Jet Class One aircraft knowing that all of our luxurious private jets conform to the highest standards of safety and maintenance. All of their paperwork is up to date… and all of the pilot’s training is up to date, too. The men and women who fly for us are highly trained and experienced. They’ve invested hours in the craft they’re flying. We take our profession extremely seriously, and we are devoted to your satisfaction in, and enjoyment of, your flight. We will make your flight as luxurious as possible. Our clients come to us from a variety of different business, professional, and personal background. Some are looking for efficiency of travel… and some are looking for luxury of experience. Would like something specific for your flight? Is there some way we can best serve you? Let us know.’

Jet Class One is the best way to travel by air. Once you have experienced the comfort, cost-effectiveness, and luxury that is our relaxing private charter and empty-leg flights, you want to fly any other way. Our goal is to ruin commercial air flight for you… and the airlines are doing most of the work for us. Stop suffering needlessly. Stop torturing yourself with commercial air travel. Contact Jet Class One and start experiencing the best that air travel has to offer you as a VIP passenger. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can arrange for your commercial flight and get you on your way.

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