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Route Map

Route Map

Along with our regular destinations found on the map below, we can fly to pretty much any destination you fancy. Just let us know when and where you would like to go and we’ll send you a quick quote.

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Along with various regular destinations ands route throughout the U.S. on a daily basis, we offer private and corporate flights and charters for anyone seeking to take the skies on their own private and personal schedule and space. Whether you’re seeking a one-way flight across the country or a multi-destination trip in a particular region, we make sure to cover all bases. Flying is our passion and no matter what type of trip you have in mind, we guarantee that we’ll provide the excellence in service that you deserve. So just let us know where you want to go and we’ll take care of the rest.

At Jet Class One, our route map encompasses a great deal of the United States. We hit all the major hubs within the cities of the country. This includes the east coast, west coast and the Midwest. New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, Dallas. These are just some of the major hubs that we serve along our route map. As you can see, it covers the entire country meaning that you can use one of our established routes or you can choose your own.

We are open to working with you to get you where you need to be, when you need to be there. If you do not see your city or airport of destination on our map, that does not mean that we are not able to fly you there. It simply means that we will need to give you a customized quote that takes into account where you will take off from and where you will land. We will also need to know when you want to leave and when you want to arrive.

Jet Class One strives to put the power and control back in the hands of our clients, We do not limit our clients to only a handful of route maps like the commercial airlines so famously do. We can shave time off your flight be ensuring that you are able to leave from the destination where you are and arriving exactly where you need to be. You will not find our pilots flying out from New York and flying down to Miami before flying you over to San Diego which is a common practice at commercial airlines.

Instead Jet Class One will fly you in the most direct route possible to minimize the time that you spend in flight. While we personally love flying and always want to be up in the air, we understand that not everyone has that luxury. Most of our clients are those people who have a hard deadline that they must meet in order to ensure that their obligations are met. This means that if Jet Class One can reduce the amount of time that it takes you to go from Point A to Point B, you will find yourself with more time for relaxing.

Simply give us a call or shoot us an email with the details of your route plan and we at Jet Class One will make it happen. We will work up a quote for you based on your place of departure and your place of arrival as well as when you need to fly. We will either email you back a quote or give you a call back with that information. We are willing to work with you so that you are able to fly into the area that you need on your own terms without being tethered to the restrictions that are so often placed on passengers by those commercial airlines. With Jet Class One, our clients are in control and they are the ones that we cater to.

Control Your Schedule

Perhaps the most compelling reason to fly privately is that you have greater input over your schedule. Instead of telling you how it will be and demanding that you accept it, the way a commercial airline will, we work with you. We don’t have the same limitations that those airlines do. We don’t work within the same constraints. And we have the luxury of working directly with our clients to conform more directly to their needs, preferences, and schedule. Now, we do operate within the parameters of our routes for the sake of practicality; we do need to fly within access to our various jet stations. But this still gives you a wide latitude to plan your flight as you require it and as you prefer it. What’s more, we’ll gladly work with you to make sure that we give you the best possible customer service and the most options. When was the last time an airline offered to work with you and cooperate with you to produce a better outcome? Every survey of customer satisfaction when it comes to commercial airlines places air traveler regard for these services at dismal lows. The same is not true of private air travel, where we have the resources and the leeway to be more responsive to your needs. You will never feel like just a number when you deal with us. And we will never treat you with the kind of casual disregard for your needs as many airlines are accused of doing.

The Deficits of Commercial Air Travel

Why is private air charter, or our empty leg travel, so preferable to flying commercial? It all starts with the deficits in commercial air travel. Commercial air travel is inferior to private charter air flight, and our empty leg chartered flights, in several different ways. The issues begin with the fact that commercial air travel is not designed to conform to your schedule or to your needs. Commercial air flight serves the lowest common denominator, which is to say that its schedules and routes are based on what serves the greatest number of people. Have you ever heard the phrase, “You can’t please everyone?” Well, commercial air travel is based on not-pleasing the greatest number of people that the airline can reach. In other words, as long as there are flights, it doesn’t matter what is convenient for you and what is not. The airlines treat all their customers as if those airlines are the only game in town. They know that the typical air traveler will just take what he or she can get, without arguing, even if that service is less than impressive. Well, to say that the average person’s air travel experience is less than impressive is an understatement. There are so many ways that traveling commercial is unsatisfactory… yet we’ve simply convinced ourselves that this is the way it is and it can’t change. Isn’t it time you sought a better alternative? Don’t you think you deserve more… and better?

The problems with standard commercial air travel begin with scheduling, as we’ve indicated. The lowest common denominator means that you fly when the airlines say you can fly. You transfer where they say you will transfer. You wait when and where they say you will wait. This might not be so horrible if the schedule was reliable and you could count on it remaining the same. But commercial air flights are routinely late. They can be canceled without warning and based on any number of factors, from weather to equipment issues to staffing problems. If you’ve even spent a layover sitting on the tarmac in a cramped coach seat while the time to catch your connecting flight ticks away, all because there is no air crew available to move a plane from a terminal so that your plane can connect and you can debark, you know just how awful being at the mercy of the airlines can be. By the nature of commercial air flight, they have all the control and you have none. You have no input in the process. Worse, if you complain, you are threatened with being put on a “no fly list” and told that your complaints have no merit. The problems of mistreatment of travelers on commercial airlines has gotten so bad that discussions about a “Passengers Bill of Rights” were made necessary. It shouldn’t have to be a matter of law or regulation that passengers cannot be made to sit immobile on a plane that is stuck on a runway for hour after hour, without food or proper restroom breaks… and yet this happens all too often in commercial air travel.

Over and over again, the refrain from the commercial airlines is, “You’ll take what we give you and you will like it.” So when they routinely cancel flights, when flights are delayed and interfere with your connecting flights, when a flight you could easily and quickly take direct instead becomes a nightmare of transfers and layovers that greatly extends your travel time, it should come as no surprise that commercial air travel is far less preferable to private flying. It’s the difference between taking a bus and driving your own car. Behind the wheel of your own vehicle, you control your schedule. You control when you leave. You go directly to your destination. You have direct influence over your experience. When you travel by bus, the bus leaves when it leaves, with or without you. It travels much more slowly. It stops at places you don’t need or want it to stop. And you have absolutely no control over the people around you. The experience of dealing with the public can be some of the most negative parts of flying commercial. This stands in stark contrast to the experience of flying privately. When you fly privately, you get to choose when you leave if you charter the flight yourself. The aircraft won’t leave without you. And when you charter the flight, you of course have say concerning who is on the plane with you. Unless you’re catching an empty leg flight on one of our aircraft, the variables are all up to you, and you get to determine what your flight will be. This is an unprecedented amount of control that most people find greatly improves the experience of flying.

Then there is the physicality of airline travel. Especially because of the screening that takes place, commercial air travelers are already asked to endure a lot before they can ever get on an airplane. They must consent to being searched by machines that can look through their clothing. They must trust security screeners not to mistreat them or mishandle them. Complaints are numerous. You spend endless amounts of time in line and are told you must arrive at the airport many hours early in order to clear screening on time — to meet planes that may or may not arrive or leave on time anyway. The airline schedules are, when it comes down to it, fairly laughable. The arrival and departure times are “more of a guideline than a rule.” To expect a person to trudge through endless lines while lugging a carry-on simply isn’t reasonable. There is a great deal of physical stress associated with the entire operation before you even file onto the plane. Then, amidst a crowd of pushing, impatient, rude travelers and even ruder flight attendants, you are expected to shove your luggage into overhead bins while you are being hurried along. And the worst part of commercial air travel still hasn’t begun.

You must next take your seat. But airline seats, and the leg room they offer, have been growing smaller and smaller in recent years. You will have to wedge yourself into that uncomfortable seat, which you cannot easily leave if you are not on the aisle, for the duration of your overlong commercial flight. You are at the mercy of whomever the airlines seat next to you too, of course. You never know whom you might encounter on a public, commercial airline flight, and that’s frequently a bad thing. From the person who won’t stop talking to passengers who cannot confine themselves to their own seats for physical reasons, you may well find yourself uncomfortably folded into an area that simply isn’t wide enough for your body…all while fighting for possession of an arm rest or two. Airlines don’t bother to gives passengers snacks or beverages the way they once did. Then, too, there is the fact that on those rare flights where you can eat or have drinks, the prices are outrageous and the meals (even when included) aren’t very palatable. Jokes about the quality of “airline food” are as old as comedians are numerous.

There was a terrible incident on a commercial flight not long ago in which a passenger boarded and then used a specially designed device, sold for this purpose, to wedge the seat in front of him. He inserted the device into another passenger’s chair to prevent that person from reclining and thus making his own leg room smaller. When the passenger whose seat was wedged objected to this, the two passengers go into a fight. This is one of the more extreme cases of “air rage,” but why do you think the phenomenon of “air rage” started in the first place? It started for the same reason that airlines and consumer groups have hotly debated the topic of a “passenger’s bill of rights.” The service offered by the commercial airlines, and the conditions under which passengers are expected to endure it, creates frustration and anger. Passengers are made to feel as if they have no control, and when they feel trapped and as if they are not being listened to, they become upset. This is only a natural human reaction to such mistreatment. It is a testament to the grip the commercial airlines have on air travel that they believe they can treat their passengers anyway they want and still do business.

A private company like Jet Class One must rely on excellent customer service, by contrast, if it is to remain in business. We stake our reputations on being able to provide private air travel for you that is not just cost-competitive, but comfortable, efficient, and even pleasant. Most people barely tolerate air travel. We all love to go places and see the world; some of us must travel extensively for business even if we aren’t feeling like getting out and about. We rarely say that we enjoy the experience of travel itself, however, even though the miracle of jet air travel means that we can get from place to place with greater speed and ease than ever before. Trips that would take seemingly forever by car, bus, or train can be taken in the comparative blink of an eye when traveling by air. But the commercial airline experience, with all of its delays and hassles, all of its physical and mental discomforts, ruins the travel experience. No one speaks romantically of how much fun it is travel by air, although you will hear people occasionally speak of how much they enjoy road trips or traveling scenically by train. Why should air travel get such poor regard in comparison? The blame can be laid squarely at the feet of commercial air travel. But private air travel with Jet Class One represents the better alternative.