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Empty Leg Flights

private jet charterSo you’re looking for an empty leg flight? Jet Class One offers an amazing selection of last minute empty leg flights available for immediate purchase. We work with private jet operators and charter companies to provide an amazing selection of last minute empty leg flights at extremely discounted rates, typically ranging from 50-90% off the standard private jet charter rates.

It’s simple. Just check our daily list of flights, select the flight you want, and when you’re ready to book just give us a call and we will schedule your empty leg flight at an amazing discount! The flight times do vary, so you should expect to be flexible with the time that you fly, but we will let you know a range within a few hours at booking when you can expect to fly. We will then confirm with you within 24 hours of your flight the exact time and FBO (fixed base operation) address of exactly where your plane will be. Typically you can park directly at the airport for free and check-in at the FBO. If you arrive early, there is typically a private lounge you can wait at until your private jet is ready for boarding. In many instances valet your car so that you can pull right up to the plane and walk onto your dream flight.

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How Do Empty Leg Flights Work?

It’s simple. If you think about it, most private jet flights take place on a way-way basis for the simple fact that it is very costly to keep a plane on the ground and not have it flying. Say, for example, a CEO needs to fly from Los Angeles to New York and then return back to Los Angeles in three days. His private jet could stay with him in New York at JFK airport, La Guardia, Teterboro airport, or any one of the many other airports surrounding New York city. If the plane were to stay there, he would have to pay for the pilots and flight attendants to stay in New York including their accommodations and daily salary. There would also be an opportunity cost, which means that the plane could be making money by flying other passengers during that down time. So in reality, the plane would take the CEO to New York, then it would be scheduled to fly a different passenger(s) and the CEO in New York would be booked on a different private jet to return him to Los Angeles. Sure, there are cases in which a private jet owner only wants to fly in his plane that he owns and he doesn’t care about the cost to keep the plane in his location. There are also instances where the private jet passenger or owner are only in a destination for a very short time period, so the plane will only be waiting for less than 24-48 hours and it makes more sense to keep the plane in that location. However, most private jet flights fly one-way routes as we explained in the beginning. After that CEO gets dropped off in New York city, hopefully the plane can be booked by another passenger in New York city, but the chances of that are very slim because the private aviation market is very, very, very small. Some say it’s the 10% of the top 1% who can actually afford to fly private. So after a private jet passenger gets dropped off in one location, the most likely scenario is that the plane is scheduled to pick-up its next passenger in a completely different city. This might mean that the plane that just dropped Mr. CEO in New York city now needs to fly to Miami Beach to pick-up its next passenger. Or it may need to fly to Denver, Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, or any other city that you can imagine. This means that the plane will fly completely empty to get to its next destination. Jet owners and operators would rather receive a small payment for this empty leg flight rather than completely nothing, so we work with charters throughout the country to book and schedule these empty leg flights at massive discounts, usually 50-90% off! These flights are typically last minute, so you usually have to be flexible and ready to go with a short notice, but at 50-90% off, it’s totally worth it!

Examples of Empty Leg Flights

Los Angeles / Van Nuys Airport (VNY) Las Vegas / McCarran Airport (LAS) January 2 8 Hawker 800XP
Los Angeles / Van Nuys Airport (VNY) San Francisco / San Francisco Airport (SFO) January 19 9 Gulfstream IV
New York / Teterboro (TEB) Miami / Miami Airport (MIA) February 12 8 Gulfstream V
Miami / Miami Airport (MIA) Chicago / Chicago Midway Airport (MDW) March 14 7 Beechjet 400
Denver / Denver Airport (DEN) Las Vegas / McCarran Airport (LAS) April 22 7 Citation CJ4
Los Angeles / Torrance Airport (TOA) Dallas / Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) May 10 8 Citation X
Chicago / Chicago O’Hare (ORD) Detroit / Pontiac Oakland County (PTK) July 12 10 Challenger 604
Boston / Boston Logan Airport (BOS) New York / Westchester County (HPN) August 26 13 Falcon 7X
Atlanta / Hartsfield–Jackson (ATL) Tampa / Clearwater Airport (PIE) September 3 10 Challenger 604
New York / Tererboro Airport (TEB) West Palm Beach / North Palm Beach County Airport (F45) October 12 13 Falcon 7X
New Orleans / New Orleans Lakefront Airport (NEW) Columbus / Port Columbus (CMH) November 20 10 Challenger 604
San Diego / Carlsbad McClennan-Palomar Airport (CRQ) Salt Lake City / Salt Lake City (SLC) December 29 13 Falcon 7X

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