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A Civilized “Shooting” Sport… Such as Airsoft

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Many people who enjoy the finer things in life also enjoy shooting.  You see this represented in plenty of popular entertainment. In a typical, almost stereotypical scenario, a man will enjoy some brandy, smoke a fine cigar, and then take his shotgun out for some equally civilized and refined skeet shooting.  This is all something more appropriate to fiction than to real life for most of us, but it does tap something very real: We enjoy shooting.  Sports that involve breaking or knocking something down from far away are always popular, perhaps because they tape something primal in us.

Would you like to enjoy shooting or even full-out military simulations, but under controlled conditions and without danger? It’s a fact that some sports, like paintball, involve a fairly significant risk of injury from the projectiles that are fired.  And shooting live ammunition is very often impractical, either because of local laws or because of the cost of ammunition in a market that has been somewhat turbulent for the last few years.

One way that men and women of refinement can enjoy the shooting sports is to engage in the simulated shooting sports. This gives them all of the advantages of a session on the range, or in the field engaged in simulated combat, with none of the danger and without even the need for hearing protection.  There’s no mess and no fuss, and the only real protection you need is a good pair of safety goggles for your eyes.

The beauty of airsoft is that it can be done anywhere, and on any budget. And because the “weapons” of airsoft are just launchers for tiny plastic pellets, even in countries where there is more firearms-related regulation than in others, it is possible for citizens to enjoy the pastime. Airsoft is actually a very popular pastime among the wealthy, but also among those of only limited means.  You can pay just about as much as you can afford, at any pricing level. Some people pay for very elaborate customs setups. There is at least one very famous Japanese competition shooter who learned almost exclusively with very high-end airsoft pistols before graduating to “live” firearms when he came to the United States (where legislation regarding firearms is not nearly as strict as it is in Japan, a country that has essentially banned privately owned firearms).

Even in an area that is sparsely populated, like Northern Canada, airsoft is a viable option. Take Mike Pearson, for example. Mike is a man on a mission.  The 24-year-old shop supervisor at a Whitehorse, Yukon printing company is determined to build a viable local airsoft club.  He has been actively recruiting members for his organization’s simulated combat games for the last two years and now has perhaps 16 active members.

Airsoft, like paintball, is a simulated combat game played with replica airguns that closely resemble real firearms.  The projectile they fire is a 6mm plastic sphere, comparable to BB gun ammunition but much lighter.  Thanks to a recent lifting of restrictions on airsoft guns, these replica firearms can be manufactured to mimic almost exactly the real guns after which they are patterned.  This makes them perfect for military skirmish games in which teams use battlefield tactics and strategy to “kill” other players, capture flags, or engage in a variety of other combat simulations.

“More or less the goal [of airsoft games] is a more realistic combat experience, rather than a paintball experience,” Mike explains.  Players feel the sting of the plastic projectile and operate on an honor system when it comes to reporting they have been “killed.”

“It’s just a blast,” says Mike. “Airsoft is for those who don’t like the paint [in paintball], and [who] would like a little bit more realism.”

Mike has been playing airsoft on and off for eight years.  Before he moved to Whitehorse, he was forced to travel several hours to engage in airsoft games.  On arriving in the area, he discovered he would have to travel even farther away to play. He then resolved to start his own club, whose current membership he hopes to double.

“Personally, I’d love it if we got to the point where we could have a travel team,” he told the Midnight Sun News. “I like to play in what they call ‘mil-sims,’ which are basically games that are held annually in certain places, that are 300, 400, 500, 600 people playing at the same time. They incorporate real military vehicles, helicopters…  All this adds to that immersive experience.  We’re not just going out there to shoot back and forth at each other.  There are teams, there are tactics.  Players range from beginners to guys who are ex-military.”

In all his club activities, Mike emphasizes safety and responsibility.  His players wear goggles, play only on private property, and limit their guns to a maximum of 500 feet per second for spring-powered “sniper” weapons (whose players must adhere to minimum engagement distances), while the average player with an AEG (an electric airsoft gun capable of firing pellets automatically) fires pellets at roughly 400 feet per second.

“I’m very protective of the sport of airsoft,” he says.  “It’s been close, a few times, to being made illegal.  I teach everybody who plays with us to treat their airsoft gun like a real firearm. I’m not afraid to report somebody to the RCMP who is putting my sport’s image at risk. If I determine that they’re the kind of person who might go and run around on their street with it I won’t help them.”

The club is open to members 16 and above with written parental consent, and of course to those 18 and older.  Team members regularly assist beginners in getting started. Yukon-area players interested in joining the club generally contact Mike through the club’s Airsoft Yukon Facebook page.

“In all honesty, I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie,” Mike admits. “I like firearms, but I have no interest in hurting people. Airsoft is the only way to really get a good mixture of all of that.”

Enjoying the Finer Things, Like Good Fiction, 3 of 3

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Honey, I found a Penguin Outside, Part 3 of 3

“Well, you do keep a nice lawn,” Zack admitted.

“Thank you,” I said absently.  “Zack,” I said, “this has got to stop.  You promised.”

“I just have to test it,” he said.  “I just need to… step through.”

“What?” I said.  “Zack, I watch way to much SciFi Channel to let you do that.  Has there ever been a movie or a television series in which that worked out okay?  Don’t you dare ask me what is the worst that could happen, either.”

“But…” Zack said.

“There are no ‘buts’ about it,” I said loudly.  “You go in that thing and you’ll either be lost forever in a parallel dimension, turned into a hideous partially human creature, enthroned as a demigod on some alien world people by tiny humanoid life forms, or find yourself transported to some dystopian hellscape from which you’d give anything to return, but can’t.  Don’t you watch The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits?  Nothing good ever comes of this kind of thing!  Never trust the space aliens who say they want to help mankind, never build super-strong artificially intelligent robots, never cross harmless species A with harmless species B in an attempt to create a beneficial genetically engineered species C, and when the talking apes from the future land on he beach, slay them!”

Zack looked at me, blinking behind his wire-rimmed glasses.  His round face and boyish figures were slack.  I realized then that nothing I said was doing to convince him.

“I have to test it,” he said simply.

“No,” I said.  “Look, we’ve been friends for years now.  I am not going to let you destroy yourself with this madness.  With that, I stepped forward to switch off the machine, which had a single lever connected to a bird’s nest of wiring at one end.  Normally I would have ignored all of this; I would have pretended I never saw it.  Usually I follow a single rule – the Glorious Path of Least Resistance, also known as Don’t Get Involved.  Seeing my friend ready to become the plot line for an episode of Amazing Stories, however, I couldn’t stand by idly and let him doom himself.

It was only as I touched the handle that I realized what might happen.




You know how you feel when you’ve been sleeping on the couch or taking a nap in bed in the middle of the afternoon?  You get up, but it takes a while to throw off the feeling that you should be sleeping.  You spend a little while walking around like a zombie, trying to get your brain to catch up with your body.

That’s how I felt when I got where the doorway sent me.

I stood there, shivering a little in my bathrobe, pajamas, and bare feet.  Strangely, I was not cold.  I was standing in a few inches of snow on what would be, to all appearances, a vast frozen expanse of… tundra?  Glacier?  I don’t know what you’d call it.  It looked cold, but it felt… grainy and dry… to the skin of my feet.  For a moment I realized I had suffered frostbite or something, but my feet appeared perfectly normal and felt fine.

That’s when I saw them.

Some distance from me, in numbers so great that they stretched to the horizon in a waddling, black on white mass, they… marched.  They marched in that swaying, unhurried gait for which they are so well known.

Thousands – no, tens of thousands – of penguins.

Something didn’t seem right about this display.  As I watched, I realized the penguins were moving in perfect unison.  From somewhere within the legion of birds, a single penguin was squawking rhythmically.

“Waahk, waahk, waahk…. WAAHK!  Waahk, waahk, waahk… WAAHK!”  The cadence reminded me of nothing so much as a drill instructor directing his troops in formation.

My eyes grew wide as the vast mob of penguins continued to toddle in formation.  They moved with quiet, ominous determination.  They moved like an army on the march.

They moved like an invading army.

Almost as one, the legion of penguins paused, flapped in consternation as they wobbled to a halt, and… turned to look at me.  I watched in horror as they silently scrutinized me.

I don’t believe in mental telepathy.  I never have.  I’m a tax accountant, for pity’s sake.  By definition I am not an imaginative man.  As those penguins looked at me, however – as they looked into my very soul – I saw what they were doing.  I saw what they were planning, what they wanted.

The penguins sought conquest.  The soldiers in the penguin army held, within their small but perfectly adequate minds, images of marching in rolling lockstep on the major cities with which I was familiar:  Washington, DC, New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles… There was no mistaking the human beings who fled in terror before the might of the seemingly endless legion of penguins, squawking and pecking and waddling inexorably towards their goals.  I have never before seen penguins as threatening creatures… and I will never again see them simply as cute.

I turned to run, convinced this horde of telepathic penguins would next come after me.  I had not gone more than two steps when I found myself, once again, on the oil-stained concrete of Zachary’s basement floor.

“It worked!” he said exultantly.  “What did you see?”

It took him some time and more than a little effort to convince me to stop choking him.




On a beautifully crisp Autumn morning a couple of months later, I went outside in my robe and slippers and fetched the paper.  I carried a mug of heavily sugared, thoroughly creamed coffee in one hand and clutched the News and Chronicle in the other, examining the news of the day above the fold.  As I was sipping my coffee and shaking my head over the latest nonsense from our state’s legislature, I heard the noise.

It was a squawking, rhythmic noise, its cadence like nothing so much as a drill instructor leading his men in formation.

Resolutely ignoring the squad of eight penguins toddling purposefully through the clematis, I marched back up the walk, entered my home, and closed the door behind me.


Enjoying the Finer Things, Like Good Fiction, 2 of 3

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Honey, I found a Penguin Outside, Part 2 of 3

The door to the rickety basement stairs stood open and I followed as Zack scampered down it with practiced ease.

The machine was chugging away down there.

I don’t know what you would call a doorway made by this thing.  Was it a dimensional portal?  A “tessaract?”  A rip in space-time?  Something else?  I couldn’t begin to imagine.  All I know is that, as Zachary explained it to me after “the squid incident,” he had invented a machine that opened passageways to… other… places.  The places weren’t Earth and weren’t parallel Earths. (Just the same, I had visions of him getting lost in there like a guest star on Sliders – if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry; my wife says I watch too much television.)  They did, however, share plenty of elements that weren’t at all alien.  If a machine could have a sense of humor, this one’s was twisted.

As an embarrassed Zack described it to me, the first time he’d turned on the machine (which he invented in an attempt to create a cheap means of traveling over large distances instantly – I’m telling you, these scientist types are practically begging to get turned into human-fly monsters, the way they can’t resist messing around with teleportation theories) it had spent an entire day making noise and accomplishing little.  Then, a doorway opened in the basement and began disgorging squids.  Most of them were dead on arrival; a few of them actually crawled up the stairs and out the door. One of them, as you know, expired on my lawn.

Before I showed up, irate over this, Zack’s machine continued to expel strange items.  In the weeks that followed, the doorways sometimes opened outside the house, which scattered even more random objects throughout the neighborhood.  For some reason, my property was a favorite dumping ground.  In one week I found a maple shoe tree (a nice one that I would have mounted to the door of our bedroom if Denise had not objected; I think she was worried that a shoe tree of unknown extra-dimensional origin might be more than it appeared), a toaster (I didn’t test it to see if it worked), a glass of water (seriously, just a plain tumbler filled with what at least appeared to be water), a dachshund (alive and, at last count, still living with Mrs. King across the street, who – as an elderly shut-in – doted on the friendly little dog), a potted geranium, a wheel of cheese (possibly Gouda) and what I could have sworn was a Japanese beetle the size of an ottoman, which buzzed off before I could get a closer look.  The beetle remains at large to this day, in fact.

Knowing that your next-door neighbor is a mad scientist whose infernal invention is spewing alien shoe trees and house pets on your front step is the sort of thing that would drive a normal person to insanity.  At the very least, just about anyone else confronted with this situation would seriously consider moving.  If I have one real talent in life, however, it is resolutely ignoring anything that does not fit within the parameters of what I consider “normal.”  I’m a tax accountant with a national chain (you’ve heard of us), you see.  I lead a boring, bureaucratic life during the work day and come home to a pleasant wife, a pleasant home, and my pleasantly landscaped lawn.  This is too much to give up; I would rather simply pretend I don’t see the occasional sea creature or alligator-skin sofa breathing its last just short of my clematis.

Still, there’s only so much a guy can take.  I was willing to accept that Zachary did what he did and that perhaps one day he’d change the face of the planet with his inventions.  I wouldn’t have minded trading a teleportation unit for my daily commute into the city – though I’ve always been a little suspicious and wouldn’t have been surprised, once the system was in place, to arrive downtown impregnated with an alien fetus or (again) as a half-man, half-fly abomination whose last days would be spent in the frantic but ultimately vain search for reunification with the errant insect sporting my balding pate and high blood sugar.  The morning half a buffalo appeared on top of my paper, however (and before Zack appeared with his shovel, as he usually tried to clean up after himself), I angrily demanded that he cease his experiments with this particular technology.

He promised.  That was six weeks before I found the penguin in my garden.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Zachary said apologetically, “but I really do have the problem solved now.”

“There is a penguin in my garden,” I intoned.

“Yes, well,” Zack stammered, “I can explain that.  He wasn’t disgorged there.  I simply… this is so embarrassing… I simply left the door open.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, suspicious.

“I’ve fixed the problem, Jeff,” he said, shrugging.  “The doorway works.”

“It does?” I asked.  “Didn’t it work before?  How else does almost thirty gallons of vanilla pudding end up on somebody’s lawn?”

“I told you I was sorry about that,” Zack winced.  “Look, it isn’t like that.  The doorway… it belched these things from wherever it connects.” He looked at the machine, which was clanking and wheezing in a corner of the basement, ten feet tall and twice as wide with hoses and pistons and what I swore were useless Jacob’s Ladders churning away for dramatic effect.  “It was never a two-way portal, not really.  I had an inspiration late last night and fixed the problem.  Now… now I intend to enter.  I was getting ready, pulling together my supplies,” he gestured to a Nylon backpack on the dank floor nearby, “and I opened the door.  At least three penguins escaped.  I corralled two of them.”

“Why is it these things cannot resist my garden?” I muttered.


Enjoying the Finer Things, Like Good Fiction, 1 of 3

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Have you ever stopped to think about what it means to enjoy the finer things in life?  Most of us associate leisure with the finer things, such as flying in style on your own private jet.  But what is leisure?  It is the ability to enjoy what you want, when you want to.

Entertainment is a given in situations like that.  When you read a fine, evocative piece of literature, it creates a picture in your mind, and when you savor that mental picture, you are truly enjoying one of the finer things.  Take this quote from Betty MacDonald: “After splashing icy water on their faces and rubbing them fiery red with one of the rough sweet-smelling towels, they came in and took their places at the big kitchen table. This morning the table wore a bright red-and-white checked cloth and a pot of red geraniums. Mrs. Campbell handed the girls their plates, each with a slice of ham and half of a crisp, tan waffle.”  Isn’t that fantastic?

Inspired by the finer things in life, we thought we would share this very unusual short story, in three parts, here on the blog.  Consider it a nice distraction over the holidays.  what could be better than curling up on your private jet with a good book, or an entertaining story like this one?

Honey, I found a Penguin Outside, Part 1 of 3

As you can imagine, I was none too pleased the morning I found a penguin in the garden.

Don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against penguins.  They’re really quite irresistible, in that way that odd-looking, odd-moving animals are endlessly cute.  My wife prefers dogs that look like, well, dogs – healthy animals with shiny coats and proud bearings.  I’ve always preferred small, odd-looking dogs whom nature or selective breeding have treated with arguable cruelty.  Short legs, pot bellies, exopthalmic eyes, squashed faces, stubby tails – how could you not like dogs like Pugs and Chihuahuas?  The penguin is the Pug of the avian world – an adorable, flightless, strangely dignified creature that toddles along as if the gait bestowed on it by Nature is the most natural, most unexceptional thing in the world.  When penguins swim, they extend their wings and glide like airplanes in a liquid sky.  How could you not admire such creatures?

This does not mean finding one in the garden was a welcome discovery.

Keeping one eye on the bird, I walked gingerly down the front walk in my bare feet, pulling my bathrobe about me.  I grabbed my newspaper, which the paperboy insists on leaving as far from the house as possible, and made my way back.  The penguin looked at me.  I looked at it.

Sighing, I dropped the folded newspaper on my front step and picked my way across the dew-damp lawn to Zachary’s house next door.

Zachary Waite is a nice enough neighbor, I suppose.  He’s generally quiet, doesn’t neglect his yard (too much), has never had a party – well, not in the five years I’ve lived on Dell Street – and is always friendly.  We’ve chatted more than once.  The first time he showed me the basement laboratory where he spends his time like a mad scientist from the 1950s, I thought it was quaint.  The second time, I thought he might be on to something big.  The third time, I was there to complain about the dead squid on my front step, which – don’t ask me how I knew – I was certain could only be there thanks to Zachary’s efforts.

I banged on the front door, ignoring the broken doorbell and disdaining the tarnished brass knocker.  “Zack!”  I bellowed, still rapping my knuckles on the wood.  “Zack, get out here!  You’ve turned on that damned machine again, haven’t you?”

I heard him shuffle to the door and waited as the deadbolt clicked.  He opened the door just far enough to reveal his face, looking sheepish as he did so.

“Zack,” I began.

“Please, Jeff.  I know.”

“Do you know there’s a penguin in my garden?”

“I can’t say I’m surprised.”

“You’ve done it again, haven’t you?” I demanded.  “You’ve fired up that machine.”

“Jeff, you must understand, I have multiple projects—”

“Unless one of them is Douglas Adams’ improbability drive,” I said angrily, “you’re again using the one machine that seems to delight in disgorging random objects and incongruous animal life on my front lawn.  Zack, you promised.”

“I did, I did,” Zachary sighed.  “You may as well come in.”

He opened the door the rest of the way and I entered his cluttered living room.  Zack is probably the closest thing to Einstein alive today, if the things he invents are any indication.  He holds several patents to things most people don’t realize exist or take for granted – components of artificial organs, processes used to make pharmaceuticals, certain portions of the newest wireless phone networks.

For every practical invention he produces, he has at least five bizarre pieces of experimental machinery that rival anything Jeff Goldblum had in The Fly.  To be honest it wouldn’t have surprised me on any given day to have Zachary show up at my door sporting an insect head or lobster claw hands, asking me if I could please help him sort out his latest “scientific setback.”  It was after what my wife still calls “the squid incident” that Zachary first showed me his Doorway Generator.

I followed Zack – all four feet, nine inches of him, dressed in gray sweats and sporting a curly-brown mop of “Caucasian Afro” hair – through the impossibly messy room.  Only a man living alone, my wife once pointed out, would have metal garage shelves in his living room, where he also kept the futon on which he slept.  I don’t know what he did with his bedroom, which he didn’t seem to use. I was never morbidly curious enough to ask.

We walked through the grimy kitchen, where the sink was full of pots and pans that, for all I knew, had been soiled since Zack first moved into the house.

V.I.P. Private Jet Charter

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Let’s face it – any private jet charter should offer a V.I.P. experience, but some are better than others. You got to believe that when you walk up to your private plane (whether it’s actually ‘your’ plane or not is irrelevant here) you probably have high expectations, with good reason. The full “red carpet” treatment can look completely different from one charter company to the next. Some literally include a red carpet, but for most that’s just obnoxious. Whatever it is you may think is luxury, you can get, but sometimes you need to ask and other times you don’t. So let’s try to differentiate between what’s expected at a ‘minimum’ when you fly private and what you may consider ‘above and beyond’.

What to expect when flying on a private jet…
When you first pull up to the airport in your car (or Uber, limo, bicycle, tricycle, or however you get there), you will immediately feel ahead of the crowd because you can park (if you drive) 30 feet from the entrance to the airport, and by airport we mean a nice private entrance on the side of the airport only for private jet travelers. This means no police hassling you to hurry up and move out of the way, free parking (typically), and no lines of people! As soon as you step into the FBO (fixed base operation) you’ll be greeted by a friendly agent who will tell you to wait in a comfortable lounge while they call your pilot to meet you. Within no time (as long as you don’t arrive super early), your pilot will be greeting you and walking you steps to the private jet of your dreams. Step on board and you’ll be treated with unlimited snacks and beverages (yes, free alcohol included). No lines, super nice service, and unlimited food/drinks? Sounds the opposite of a normal airport, and like first class to the max. But to be honest, it’s really not even comparable to first class in any way because the the gap in the difference between first class and flying private is positively huge. You may or may not have flight attendant(s) and prepared food and some of the other amenities we’ll discuss in what not to expect when flying private.

Delightful surprises when flying private (or by request)…
Not all private flights are the same, but one thing for sure is that any private flight is exponentially more amazing than commercial flying. In addition to the previous mentioned benefits and amenities, some extras you can either ask for or hope for include drive up car service direct to the private jet (within a few steps). Yes, if you literally want a red carpet you can request one, but we’ll leave that for the Kim Kardashians and copycats of the world because most private fliers don’t need that type of attention, but hey, when you spend private jet money you can do whatever your little heart desires! Flight attendants come with some flights, but not all, so you can request them if you feel the need. Any amenities you want on board before you step on board, just ask the jet chartering company and they will most always have it ready for you. This includes food, newspapers, magazines, etc. If you have a long flight and want a special meal prepare mid-flight, make sure you coordinate this before hand. Yes, flight attendants can offer a big menu and prepare food in flight! Want a car ready to pick you up when you land? Just ask. Most FBOs will allow certain limo companies to drive up to the plane so you’re steps from your ride!

Sure, there are other amenities we didn’t include, but you’ll have to find out first hand by chartering a private jet and find out yourself!

Private Air Travel: A Better Experience, but More Cost Effective and Efficient, Too

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If you’re like a lot of people, you probably think traveling by air is expensive. The thing is, your ideas about air travel are based on the old commercial travel model, which is now woefully outdated. Travel with us instead. Get a better experience with Jet Class One. Our flights are conducted on your timetable, on your terms, and according to what you want and need. Are you worried that commercial air travel might be too expensive? you needn’t be. When you compare the real cost of a private chartered flight with the hidden cost of a commercial airline flight, you’ll find out that you won’t actually be saving money by flying commercial versus flying chartered private aircraft.

Let’s look at some of the hidden costs of commercial air travel. How much is your time worth? What could you be doing with your time when you are instead trapped in a TSA screening line, waiting in a terminal through some eternal delay, or sitting in a cramped airplane while being told that you’re not allowed to get up, go to the bathroom, or use your phone or tablet? You can’t even get a decent nap on an airplane the way the airlines are run these days. Just reclining your seat might touch off a war with the nut sitting behind you. It’s happened before on commercial airlines and it will happen again. Air travel wastes your time in any of countless ways. By the time you’re done getting to the airport early, dealing with delayed flights and layovers, getting to your destination and then getting transportation from the airport, did you really save any time at all versus traveling by land? Flying indirectly and having to switch planes adds even more time to your journey. And the worst part is that even with the simplest of air travel plans, your flight could be a torture mess of connecting flights and routes that go out of your way. This means even more wasted time.

So what is your time worth? All those wasted hours could add up to considerable cost. And of course you’re presented with a serious problem when you book your flights commercially. You can either schedule everything as tightly as you can so that your total flight and wait times are minimized, or you can schedule lots of extra time to cover any potential delays you encounter. If you do the former, the second there is a single problem at any point in your travel, you will end up missing a connecting flight. If you do the latter, you probably won’t miss your flights, but you’ll end up doing hour after hour of sitting and waiting. The wasted time adds up to hour after hour of spent opportunity cost. Those are hours you could be spending doing almost anything else. You could be working and earning money, something you can’t do easily on a commercial flight. You could be using your time to enjoy yourself. Most people get precious little enough leisure time. You could be doing absolutely anything but sitting in a busy terminal or sitting in a cramped airliner. To state it bluntly, commercial air travel is boring, it’s wasteful, and it is not cost-effective. In fact, we’d be willing to argue that from trip to trip, the average person might just be better off traveling by land.

With Jet Class One, everything is different. When you book with us, we’ll make sure that your travel experience is far superior to that of traveling by commercial air flight. There’s simply no way it could not be, because as a charter airline we have a kind of flexibility and freedom that commercial airlines simply can’t offer. We have the ability to focus on you as a person and to cater to your needs specifically. This is something that commercial airlines simply can’t do because they are have to cater both to the lowest common denominator and to the largest number of people moved over the greatest distance.

Commercial air flight is very stressful. Commercial airlines are all about moving the largest number of people around. There is no room for focusing on individual needs and individual flight experiences. It’s all the commercial airlines can do to serve refreshments on flights these days, much less any other amenities of any kind. If your flight goes perfectly as planned and according to schedule, it’s still not fun or pleasant. At best, it’s something you put up with. Do you walk off that plane feeling better off? Are you ready to enjoy your destination when you get there, or are you exhausted and drained, cranky an irritable?

Jet Class One makes traveling by air relaxing and even fun again. Taker one of our empty leg flights or book a private charter with Jet Class One and see the difference. Get the most luxurious, relaxing, comfortable flight experience every time. From the first time you book with us to the next time you fly with us, we will show you what commercial air travel SHOULD be like. Book a flight with Jet Class One and finally get to see what it’s like to travel as a VIP.

Booking a flight with Jet Class One is easy, depending on how you choose to schedule your flight. Are you booking a charter of your own, or catching an empty leg flight to get from one place to another? Pre-planning definitely makes a difference. You’ll see this information elsewhere on our site, but as a reminder, an “empty leg” is just what it sounds like: Other private charter clients have taken one of our aircraft to a location, but will not be traveling on the plane as it moves to its next stop. Given that we would always prefer to have our planes enjoyed, rather than sending them empty, you can book one of those empty legs if the travel time and locations match up to your needs. We keep everything up to date and organized here on our site so that you can always easily find the available empty leg options. Many of our clients find this an affordable and more convenient option compared to commercial air travel, especially when our available empty legs match nicely to what our clients are looking for. We guarantee that flying one of our empty leg flights will always be preferable to flying commercially when it comes to the comfort and peace of mind of flying privately versus flying commercially.

But maybe you don’t want to catch an empty leg. Maybe you’d prefer to get the full VIP treatment aboard one of our luxurious planes, which leaves when you say, arrives per your schedule, and travels directly to the destination of your choice from among our available stops. You can get in touch with us 24 hours a day to book your private charter. At Jet Class One, you are a VIP from the moment you contact us. We will always respond to client inquiries and do our best to provide you with as much information as possible. Are you interested in booking a flight? Do you have questions about the booking process or how private chartered air travel works? Just get in touch with us. We would be happy to give you all the information you need. Commercial airlines withhold information. At Jet Class One, we provide information that you require to make intelligent, informed decisions, and to get the most out of your commercial air travel experience.

Step aboard one of our Jet Class One aircraft knowing that all of our luxurious private jets conform to the highest standards of safety and maintenance. All of their paperwork is up to date… and all of the pilot’s training is up to date, too. The men and women who fly for us are highly trained and experienced. They’ve invested hours in the craft they’re flying. We take our profession extremely seriously, and we are devoted to your satisfaction in, and enjoyment of, your flight. We will make your flight as luxurious as possible. Our clients come to us from a variety of different business, professional, and personal background. Some are looking for efficiency of travel… and some are looking for luxury of experience. Would like something specific for your flight? Is there some way we can best serve you? Let us know.’

Jet Class One is the best way to travel by air. Once you have experienced the comfort, cost-effectiveness, and luxury that is our relaxing private charter and empty-leg flights, you want to fly any other way. Our goal is to ruin commercial air flight for you… and the airlines are doing most of the work for us. Stop suffering needlessly. Stop torturing yourself with commercial air travel. Contact Jet Class One and start experiencing the best that air travel has to offer you as a VIP passenger. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can arrange for your commercial flight and get you on your way.

Travel in Style and Comfort with Jet Class One

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The Jet Class One difference is just that — difference. We will not treat you like a number. We will never treat you with disrespect. At Jet Class One, all of our clients are valuable VIP travelers. That is simply the respect we have for you, the passenger. When you come to us, we do not act as if we are doing you a favor by taking you aboard our airplanes. Quite the contrary. We know that without you, we as a company cannot exist. We treat every passenger the way we would want to be treated. Our status a private air carrier gives us a tremendous amount of freedom when it comes to the conditions and parameters of our flights… and that means you get that flexibility. More than flexibility, however, is the responsiveness that Jet Class One can give you. Major commercial airlines are monolithic organizations that simply cannot treat you with individualized care and attention. Jet Class One, by contrast, can afford to treat each and every one of our travelers with the individual respect and attention that every one of you deserves. When you become a client of Jet Class One, we will do everything in our power to make you so happy that you will gladly come back to us again — and you will recommend us to your family and friends. We want to build a business relationship with you. We want to be your choice for private air travel, and your go-to solution for all your air travel needs. Whether for business or pleasure, Jet Class One can give you the air travel experience that you need and want. Don’t just enjoy the destination. Don’t just be happy with getting quickly from Point A to Point B. Instead, take the time to enjoy air travel itself. Jet Class One can give you that experience.

Are you ready for affordable, comfortable private air travel, on your time and on your terms? Does the thought of flying commercially fill you with dread and irritation? Have you always wanted to fly privately, but never had the chance to try it? Or were you simply not ready yet to take that next step and book a flight with a private charter airline? Whatever the reason, we believe the time to fly with Jet Class One is now. Don’t hesitate any longer. Every day you delay, every day you don’t avail yourself of the travel services we offer, is another day that you are stuck with the only other air travel alternative, which is commercial airlines. If you’re tired of the delays, if you’re tired of the hassles, if you’re tired of routes that are determined by the airlines and not by your needs and desires, then the time to book your private air travel, or even an empty leg flight with Jet Class One, is now. We are the better alternative, and we will prove it to you each and every time.

Come to Jet Class One when you are ready for convenience. Come to Jet Class One when you are ready for the best in customer service and client treatment. Come to Jet Class One when you are tired of being treated like a number… and you are finally ready to be treated like a VIP. Jet Class One is not just the better alternative to commercial air travel. We are the better alternative to our competition. You will find no better private option than Jet Class One.

Celebrities with Private Jets

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From Angelina Jolie to Michael Jordan, there are plenty of celebrities that decided to purchase their own private jet and enjoy the thrills, luxuries, and conveniences of flying private. Looking for empty leg flights is of no concern to those who actually own their own private jet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same thrills by hopping on an empty leg flight. In the meantime, check out this quick video, courtesy of Hot List, and see the various athletes and stars who take to the fly in style in their own personal plane.

Why We Fly

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It’s no surprise that we love flying, which is why we brought Jet Class One to the public. Our passion for flying is like a bug that never goes away and only some people understand. But either way, our passion for flight is here to stay.

With so many different options these days it’s hard to find a god, reliable, and affordable way to travel through the sky. That’s why we decided to launch Jet Class One!