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Proudly representing the finest fleet in small to mid-size private air travel, Jet Class One ensures the highest safety standards on all of our equipment along with luxurious amenities along the way, because let’s face it, flying private should be fun! When you step into any of of our aircraft you will notice the same thing every time, which is a perfectly cleaned and groomed aircraft inside and out with a fully professional crew ready and willing to serve your every need along the way.

Whether you’re looking for a short flight in the city on a helicopter or a long distance flight in one of our larger aircraft, we got you covered. From small to large and everything in between, our wonderful fleet and amazing staff and crew ensures the utmost highest quality in the industry so that you have not a single thing to worry about when you’re flying with us.

At Jet Class One, we offer three classes of vessel for your flying needs. Of course, if you do not see what you want on our website, please do shoot us an email using our contact form or give us a call and let us know your specific needs. It is highly likely that we will be able to help you find the types of solutions that you need in order to meet your flying needs.

With our selection of helicopters we offer you and up to two other passengers the ability to make smooth transfers between airports. Flying by helicopter allows you to save a great deal of time and money because much of the hassle of flying commercially is diverted. Even if you are transferring from a large airport to a smaller one, you can avoid much of the lines and red tape that are so often associated with these types of transfers.

At Jet Class One, we also offer our helicopters for your private use as a tour. If you are with a company that needs to tour your factories to discover information to populate a report. we can help. Within a similar vein, if your company is considering the purchase of some property or another company, obtaining an aerial view of the situation can help provide a more complete picture to determine if the purchase is in the best interest of the company.

Our quick and nimble helicopters are also the ideal mode of transportation when it comes to transferring from the airport in which you flew in and to your business. If your business has a dedicated landing pad, using one of Jet Class One’s many helicopters can save you time, money and frustration when compared to hailing a taxi and waiting – rather impatiently! – for it to maneuver through the thick airport traffic to reach your destination. Though there is no private lavatory aboard our helicopters, they do reach top speeds of 110 MPH, making them the ideal choice for when you need to get short distances quickly.

King Air
Our robust King Air plane are designed to fly you to your destination in plush style and comfort. With a cruising speed of 316 MPH our King Air plane provides daily flights from major airport hubs to major airport hubs in various cities across the United States and even on a global basis. Our daily flight plans criss cross the United States, hitting all the major cities such as New York, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Seattle.

With its ability to carry 13 passengers and the presence of a private lavatory, our King Air is the ideal choice if you want comfort and style along with room to spread out. Perfect for those times when your department needs to go to a conference but individual plane tickets on a commercial flight just do not make a lot of sense. Jet Class One can provide the ideal environment for strategizing as you enjoy professional flying experiences with your department.

Embraer ERJ-170
Sleek and modern, our Embraer has a top cruising speed of 553 MPH. With a private lavatory and the ability to hold 70 passengers, the possibilities are simply endless when it comes to using the Embraer. If you want to avoid the pitfalls and hassles that so often accompany a flight when you choose to go commercial, then our Embraer is a great choice.

Due to its roomy size, the Embraer is a fine choice for when you want to spread out and relax. You can be sure that you will arrive at your destination both relaxed and in fine spirits when you fly on our Embraer. Finely appointed with all the modern conveniences and trappings that you are used to, our Embraer is also a wonderful choice in other circumstances as well.

If you are planning to attend a reunion in a far away locale then hiring our Embraer means that your entire family or party can leave and arrive at your destination together. There is no concern that some people are not able to make it at a certain time due to travel arrangements when everyone flies together on the same plane like our Embraer.

Our Embraer is also a fabulous choice when your entire company or department needs to fly out to visit another location or to take part in some vital training. Much more cost effective than paying for each employee to fly commercially, flying private on our Embraer means that everyone arrives at the same time, relaxed and rejuvenated since they did not have to fight the hassles of commercial flight or trying to locate their luggage.

The roomy interior of the Embraer allows you and your business colleagues to strategize or solidify plans or you can simply relax and chat about non work subjects. Similarly, if you are taking our Embraer with your family or friends, you can use the time that you would normally be using to fight traffic to your destination or waiting in line to board your plane or to find your luggage if you were flying commercially to catch up on happenings, chat, play card games and just generally have a great deal of fun while our well trained and experienced staff ensures that you have a fabulous flight.

More fundamentally, you don’t come to our company because you’re willing to settle for less. Flying by private air charter means that you understand just how important are the finer things in life. Now, this isn’t some pretense or some means of putting on airs. There is substantive reason to choose Jet Class One and private charters. We are your first, best choice for on-demand air travel. We put air travel within reach on your schedule and on your terms. No matter where you want to go, no matter when you want to get there, if it’s within the reach of our state of the art fleet of private craft, we will make it happen for you. It’s possible you’ve got a trip all planned out ahead of time and you’re looking to make sure every detail is perfect. If that’s the case, we’re ready to serve you. Or maybe you need to book a flight at the last possible minute and commercial air travel simply isn’t an option. We may well be able to accommodate you. If you are scheduling a short trip that requires fast turn-and-burn turnaround, or you are planning a longer escape that requires considerable leeway and latitude, we are the private charter service for you. We maintain hundreds of jet centers at airfields both large and small across the United States. Customers of Jet Class One have told us again and again how satisfied they are with what we do and how we do it. And now, the service we offer is available to anyone. If you have never considered private air travel before, it’s time you did so. And if you have long wanted to implement a private jet charter for your trip, but haven’t yet found the time, you can rest assured that we will make the process simple and easy. All you have to do is contact us. We will do all the work, making your dreams of private chartered air flight a very affordable reality. is indeed affordable, too. You can have on-demand air travel at prices that compare favorably to commercial air flight when you consider the extensive list of extra conveniences you are getting for your booking fee. The high quality and high technology of our fleet of private aircraft is just the beginning. And you have your choice of what and how to book depending on your needs and the timing of your visit. If you want to book one of our empty leg flights at the last minute in order to get from one place to another, we would be happy to accommodate you. But if you’d like to pre-plan a charter and book with us directly, around the clock and with the full assistance of our helpful and courteous staff, you can do that, too. No matter what your needs, Jet Class One exists to serve you and to give you the best in private air flight possible. Even our empty leg flights rival commercial air flights, with none of the hassle and inconvenience of flying commercially. When you fly commercial, you are at the mercy of countless forces and factors that are entirely beyond your control. The state of customer service in commercial air flight is deplorable… and remains so because there is no incentive for it to improve. After all, the commercial airlines know they have you over a barrel. Let’s explore for a moment why our fleet is such a refreshing and positive option, shall we?

Our Fleet Offers Incredible Opportunities and Amenities, Safety and Efficiency

Many people have never flown privately. Their only experience with air travel is through the major airlines’ commercial flights. But our jets are an incredible step up from the cramped, often very unpleasant air travel offered by commercial airlines. The comfort and convenience that we offer makes flying much more satisfying and much less stressful. For example, each and every private jet in our fleet offers ease of access for boarding and debarkation. Easy on and easy off. How does that compare to the frequently over-complicated, slow, and frustrating process of boarding and leaving a commercial airline flight? But ease of getting on and off your private aircraft is not the only quality that Jet Class One offers over the competition. All of our jets offer state of the art technology, seating arrangements designed to be ergonomic and comfortable for long periods of time, better arrangements of seating for more convenient and more efficient travel (as well as greater productivity or rest once in the air, depending on what you’re looking for) and a myriad of other features, ranging from convenience to luxury, that you will not encounter when flying commercially.

Our sleek, powerful aircraft are all maintained to correspond to high standards of maintenance, safety, and efficiency. In our view, a plane that meets safety standards but which is not performing to other specifications is not a plane that is welcome in our fleet. Many people take safety for granted when it comes to air travel. Thanks to a high regard for technical safety, generous oversight over the equipment used, and plentiful regulation to keep air travel as risk-free as it’s possible to make it, flying is still the safest way to travel, even when you fly commercial. But there’s a higher standard that must be met so that safety is never taken for granted. Our smaller aircraft are remarkably fast, safe, efficient, and comfortable, but to ensure your safety during each and every flight, we check and maintain our aircraft to the highest possible industry standards. We believe wholeheartedly that the safe conduct of our passengers to and from their destinations is the most fundamental facet of all air travel. To that end, we are always maintaining and upgrading our air fleet.

Safety may begin with the machinery and technology used, but it doesn’t end there. We also invest in the training, licensing, and continued quality of our personnel. We hold our staff, including but not limited to our pilots, to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct. That means you can not only trust that the aircraft in which you are sitting is properly maintained, but that the man or woman behind the controls possesses the most up to date training that we can provide. Like all human abilities that are learned, piloting acumen can be considered a perishable skill. Our pilots know this and hone their skills at every opportunity.
We regularly engage in a number of ongoing safety checks, maintenance, and protocols. These include maintaining all relevant aircraft operator safety records to the highest and most current FAA certification standards. To do so, we constantly monitor and update the paperwork as required to keep it current and accurate. You can also rest assured that the pilot flying your aircraft is very familiar with that craft. A great pilot can’t be the best he can be if he is flying an unfamiliar aircraft and trying to figure things out as he goes. If he encounters less than ideal conditions, his abilities will be put to the test. For this reason, we always make sure that your pilot has the necessary hours of experience with that specific craft so that he can fly you to your destination with confidence, professionalism, and courtesy. We always plan for the worst case scenario, double and triple check all necessary safety precautions, and set our personnel up for success.

We also make sure that your pilot is appropriately rated and certified. As the old saying goes, “Trust, but verify.” We don’t simply take it on faith that a given pilot has the experience we need. We take the extra step to make sure that pilot is certified and rated as needed and required. If there are medical training and requirements, we make sure your pilot has those, too, for while you are aboard that pilot’s aircraft, the pilot is responsible for your well-being. That extends to medical emergencies that occur among passengers in flight. You can be sure that we keep very detailed records of any and all pilot incidents, enforcement actions, and even accidents. The Department of Transportation and the FAA maintain databases for purposes of aviation safety. The background and status of our personnel is as important as the maintenance records of our aircraft. We will conduct ourselves with courtesy, respect, and professionalism, from our support staff to our pilots, and you will see that we are serving your needs in every case.

Jet Class One’s pilots maintain direct operational control of the aircraft at all times. We demand that all our personnel conform to our standards. And you can be certain that we always carry the appropriate amount of insurance, too. Every chartered flight through Jet Class One will be properly underwritten for liability, which allows you to fly worry free. You can be confident that we have taken care of all the necessary details. Flying privately greatly eliminates many of the hassles and complexities of flying commercially. You don’t have to factor in nearly the amount of travel time for a private flight as you would for a commercial flight. When you fly commercially, you have to factor in all the time for transit in the airport itself, going through the airline’s counter, dealing with its agents and its personnel, conforming to its rules, having your baggage screened and sized to see if it is acceptable to go on the flight, and dealing with any number of other bureaucratic hassles and indignities. All of these layers of hassle combine to greatly increase the travel time involved. You must arrive much earlier than your scheduled departure time for your flight… and once you are sitting in the airline’s waiting area, waiting for your flight to leave, you will discover (and it should not be much of a surprise) that the flight is not leaving on time. So you will wait, and you will wait some more, and you will continue waiting. That all bloats the travel time.

Private air travel, by contrast, is much more time efficient. One thing most people don’t realize is that private air travel is actually more cost-effective, not less, when compared to commercial air travel. If you do a significant amount of travel by air, you are not accounting for many of the hidden costs of flying commercially. Your time has value. The time you lose while getting to and from your destination, likewise, costs you money. Having to force your itinerary into a box created by the commercial airlines similarly costs you money — in some cases, purely through moments of your life lost to bureaucratic hassles. Every hour of your time has a distinct value, and your personal comfort does (or should have) a value attached to it as well. When you are frustrated by poor air travel, when you are forced to endure poor conditions, you arrive at your destination less able to enjoy it or to do whatever it is you traveled there to accomplish. Flying privately preserves not just your travel experience, but your state of mind when you arrive at your destination. How much more enjoyable, how much less stressful, will any travel be under those circumstances?’

Private air travel allows you to discard all of the hassles of commercial air travel while saving you money in eliminating hidden costs you may not have considered. There is no waste. There is as little discomfort as we can offer. There is great responsiveness in our staff to you and your needs. And if you are charting a flight and you have a special amenity that would make your flight better or make it possible for you to be more productive, you can discuss these with our staff and we will work to accommodate you. Just let us know what it is you need and want. We will make every effort to comply with your reasonable requests. At Jet Class One, giving you the best travel experience possible, the first time and every time, is our only goal. We will make every effort to see to it that this is done.

One of the things you may not have considered about private air travel is private aircraft are smaller and more maneuverable than most commercial flights. Because we do not engage in the practice of overbooking our flights in an attempt to keep capacities at maximum (resulting in passengers being bumped from seats they thought were reserved for them, and resulting in cramped cabins), it is physically more comfortable once you are in the private aircraft. But the travel time of your flight itself may be reduced compared to a commercial flight of the same distance. That’s because a private plane, smaller than a commercial jet (usually), can climb more rapidly and descend more quickly than a larger plane. The ascent and descent takes a great deal of time, and depending on the size of the aircraft, some jets are too big to use some smaller airfields. Our smaller private aircraft have access to a wider variety of airfields, allowing us in many cases to provide you with a flight that is shorter compared to a comparable commercial flight.

Let Jet Class One provide you with the best in private air transportation. The gap between flying privately and flying commercially is a large one, but that gap is experiential. No longer is private air travel something for only the very wealthy. Private air travel is now accessible and affordable to almost anyone. When you fly with us, you can fly in style and luxury. You can fly at your convenience. No longer must you wait in long lines. No longer must you arrive ridiculously early for your flight. No longer must you endure endless security checks, or worry that your baggage will be mistreated (or lost entirely). Flying privately beats the commercial airline experience so thoroughly that our flights will forever ruin you for commercial air travel. Once you have experienced what it is like to fly by Jet Class One, to be put first, to be treated like a VIP, you will not be able to travel any other way. This is, quite honestly, our goal. We want to ruin you for commercial air flight. We want to build repeat business with you. We want every time you fly to be a great experience. You can’t expect that from commercial air travel, but you absolutely can expect that from Jet Class One.

Jet Class One is the solution to air travel woes. Everything that is wrong with the current state of air travel when flying commercially can be solved by booking your flight, or catching an empty leg flight, through Jet Class One. Flying by Jet Class One is the ultimate in convenience, comfort, and even fun. Don’t just enjoy your destination. Enjoy your travel time in a way you never have before. Do it all with Jet Class One. Contact us today.