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About Us

About Us

Jet Class One was started in 2013 by two entrepreneurs who simply grew fed up with the current commercial airline industry and wanted to change flying forever. All the major airline carriers today are taking profits over customer satisfaction with smaller seats, poorer service, less friendliness, more fees and costs, more delays and lost baggages, and of course longer and more invasive airport security lines! Here at Jet Class One, we are changing flying and traveling forever by treating our clients with the service they deserve. No more security lines, no more small and cramped seats, no more lost baggages, no more poor service, no more delays, and of course no more headaches! We offer the lowest rates, the best fleets with strong safety records, the most comfortable seats, excellent customer service, and of course we are fast and efficient. With Jet Class One you will get to your destination faster, smoother, and more comfortably than ever before at prices that are lower than they have ever been for the private jet industry. So give us a call today and travel with your peace of mind.

We believe in delivering an experience that was the hallmark of the flight industry in its bygone days – those times before the airlines decided that profits meant more to them than the people who keep them in business. In those days, airlines knew how to treat those people who rode on their planes. This is because in those days, customer service was an actual concept that companies strived to provide to their customers.

Jet Class One: Bringing Back the Heyday of Flight
Today, it is all to easy to find airlines that treat their customers badly and too difficult to find ones that do a good job of treating their customers well. At Jet Class One we focus on making sure that you our client is totally satisfied with your experience. From the minute you contact us, your interactions with us and your experience with us will be unlike any that you have ever experienced with another airline.

At Jet Class One, we know how to cater to those people who are used to the finer things in life. These things include roomy airline cabins that have an ample amount of space for your arms to rest comfortably. We also know that you want to be able to stretch your legs out comfortably without having them crammed up and tucked up behind the seat in front of you.

Back in the true heyday of flight, the passengers were boarded with lots of fanfare. There was a great deal of attention and activity placed on ensuring that the passengers were comfortable and that they had everything they needed within a timely manner. Jet Class One brings back the focus of private flight and that is with the passengers.
Once you board one of our fabulous fleet, your royal treatment never stops. Your luggage is stowed neatly out of the way nearby so that you can access it quickly but so that it is not bothersome to you. Our beautiful, personable and well trained flight attendants stand at the ready to do your bidding. With an array of snack and drink options available on all flights, they strive to present you with the highest in customer service so that you can either relax during the flight, complete pressing work or mingle with the rest of your passengers.

Storage and Room Galore
One hallmark of private flight is the amount of room and storage that are typically available on our flights. We offer two size jets at the moment. One seats 13 very comfortably while the other seats 70 in comfort and style. Within both of these vessels, you will find plenty of room for all of your luggage as well as the luggage of any companions that you have.

In addition there is another element of private flight that is able to be enjoyed that is just not as present as commercial flight and that is the amount of room that you are able to enjoy when it comes to stretching out in comfort. Because we do not cram the seats inside our jets, you will discover one of the many pleasures of private flight and that is the ability to become supremely comfortable within your seat during your flight.

Highly Trained Staff Make all the Difference
All of our staff is fully trained to meet the needs of our customers while also doing their jobs. Our flight crew is tops in their field and many have cut their teeth on the chaotic world of commercial flights. Our flight attendants are specially trained to act as flight attendants are supposed to act. They are there to ensure that you are comfortable and safe during your flight. You will be able to enjoy a variety of snacks and drinks while you are flying to your destination.

At Jet Class One, we know that you our clients expect that all of our flight crew and staff would meet the minimums set forth by those agencies under which we are governed such as the FAA and the NTSB. However, we regularly turn those minimums on their head and enforce even stricter guidelines for our staff and pilots.

This is because at Jet Class One, we realize that well rested employees are employees who are able to give more of themselves. These employees are less stressed and happier overall with their lives. In addition, we are generous employers and ensure that our pilots and our crew enjoy generous wage, holiday and benefits packages. Our employees want to come to work each and every morning and it shows in the treatment that they levy against our clients.

At Jet Class One, we are one big happy family that strives to put our clients’ needs above the profits of the company. We are determined to provide our clients with an experience that is quickly threatening to become obsolete. We however are determined that this slice of Americana will not be lost to us forever. We will keep the tradition of good service, impeccable treatment and a fine crew alive and well always.

Safety First
Your safety is another top priority here at Jet Class One. One source of contention when it comes to the commercial flying industry is their abysmal safety record. At Jet Class One, all of our pilots are up to date on their training. In addition, they receive additional training on a basis that is determined by the State.

Each of our planes within our fleet is equipped with the latest technologically advanced instruments so that they have all the tools and resources they need to make sure that they are making the best flight decisions while they are on the way to your destination.

Our pilots are all seasoned professionals who average more than 8,000 miles of time while in flight and they are all type rated. Each of our pilots holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certification and are certified to be captains either by CAE or FlightSafety International in Level D simulators which are full motion. At Jet Class One, we strive to follow all the minimums set forth by the organizations who are in charge of pilot behavior.

In most cases, though, our limits are even more strict than the ones set forth by the FAA. One example is the Duty Time and Pilot Flight rules that have been revised. Our limits on the amount of time that pilots can be up in the air and the amount of rest that they must have are even more restrictive than those regarded as being the benchmark for the entire nation.

Because we put such a high premium on your safety and because study after study has shown that accidents in the commercial sector can be traced to tired and/or overworked pilots, we work hard to ensure that our pilots have plenty of down time in which they are able to rest. In fact, we keep a roster of backup pilots in the event that our regular pilots have not had a sufficient amount of rest time

Our pilots have been the proud recipients of numerous awards in which they acted above and beyond the call of duty. These awards were bestowed by organizations such as the FAA, the NATA and the NBAA. It is awards such as these that really drive home the safety record that Jet Class One strives to always maintain.

We will not put a jet up in the air if the pilots – indeed if the entire crew – is not well rested and ready for any emergency. We are extremely proud of our crew members as well as the safety record that we hold. This philosophy follows along with the purpose of our company and that is to take the profit margin of the company out of the equation.

We at Jet Class One would rather see our clients having the time of their lives in a safe and enjoyable manner than to be making money hand over fist while our customers wait crammed into seats that are too small, with subpar pilots who are not well rested or well trained. We pay for the best in pilots and crew because we demand only the best for our clients.

Jet Class One: Integrity, Honesty, Client Service

Jet Class One is a company built on honesty, integrity, and client service. At Jet Class One, each and every one of our clients is a VIP. That means that you get the flight you require on your time and on your schedule. It means that when you book with us, you’re going to be treated like the valuable person that you are, and not merely a number who can be ignored at will. The commercial airlines have long behaved as if they know their clientele has nowhere else to go. They believe they can treat passengers however they wish, and those passengers have no choice but to tolerate that treatment. Well, Jet Class One will show you that there is another way. We will provide you with the better alternative in flying.

Every air traveler knows the frustration that comes with trying to book a commercial flight, only to be thwarted by flight delays and cancellations. We’ve all been stuck on a delayed or late flight… and many of us know what it’s like to be stuck on the tarmac, waiting for a gate to be cleared so that we can debark our plane, while the minutes available between this flight and our connection relentlessly dwindle away while our lives are wasted. Nobody truly enjoys the feeling of being squeezed into the coach seats or even the business class seats of so many commercial airline flights, whose seats are getting smaller and smaller. Worse, some airlines are proposing going to a staggered seat design that leads to drastically reduced passenger privacy and comfort, but which would allow the airlines to shoehorn in more passengers per plane. When the bottom line is the only thing the airlines care about, you can bet that client service and customer comfort will continue to decline. The fact is, the cost of commercial air travel is going up, and the availability of flights is going down, as the entire air industry suffers from a series of issues that have plagued it for many years. The problems of flying commercially are many Passengers must contend with invasive security screenings, rude airline personnel and security screeners, and the frustration that comes with knowing that you are at the complete mercy of organizations that really do not care about you at all. Every day, it seems, there is some fresh horror, some new story of mistreatment of a passenger by a commercial airline.

Even when your flight goes as it is supposed to go, even when you are able to catch your connecting flights, and assuming that your travel time is more or less what it was predicted to be, you must still fly at the convenience and on the lowest common denominator schedules set up by the airlines to “serve” the public. We say “serve” in quotation marks because airlines aren’t really concerned with service at all. They know you want to fly and they know they are pretty much the only game in town (that their passengers know of), so they treat those passengers however they wish and then tell their customers to like it. Raise too much of a fuss on a commercial airline and you could find yourself slapped on a no-fly list, with little opportunity to appeal and no way to get satisfaction. Multiple times, frustrated customers have been forced to turn to social media in an attempt, through bad press and “shaming,” to get the airlines to do something about a problem. And then there’s the recent minor scandal in which a major commercial airline posted a pornographic picture to social media and then claimed it was a mistake by a subordinate employee. These are organizations that are so large and so unresponsive to customer concerns that they can’t be trusted or expected to deal with their clients’ needs. They genuinely don’t seem to care.

How can you deal with the lengthy layovers during which you can only wait in uncomfortable airports, and deal with departure and arrival times that are in no way scheduled to be convenient to you, and expect to arrive at your destination fresh and ready to go, whether that’s for work or play? You’ll lose the first day of your vacation recovering from the fatigue of flying commercially. You’ll lose the first day of whatever work trip you’re traveling to accomplish doing the same thing. Travel shouldn’t be draining, exhausting, and mentally stressful, but it absolutely is when you fly commercially. So what is the solution? The solution, obviously, is private air travel through Jet Class One.

When you book a private charted flight through Jet Class One, your aircraft departs on your schedule. It arrives on your schedule. You can set the times you want, which means you can set your cost and time expectations. You can discuss with us what you’ll need, and any necessary trip logistics, and our courteous, professional, responsive staff will do everything in their power to accommodate you. If something changes and you need to make adjustments, you can communicate with us and we can see how best to meet your needs. Would you ever get that kind of service from a commercial airline? Would anyone ever expect to do so? We are a first class business devoted to client satisfaction. In each and every charter flight, we strive to give our passengers an experience that will forever ruin commercial air travel for them. We want you to enjoy flying with us so much that the idea of flying commercially just becomes intolerable to you. It’s not that we want you to be unhappy when you fly commercially. Your private chartered flight will simply be that much better than anything available commercially.

The commercial airlines do not have the kind of leeway that we have. They do not have the same options. They do not have the same freedom. Even the size of our aircraft makes a difference. For example, our smaller aircraft, on average, allow us to reduce travel times overall, because it takes a larger commercial jetliner much longer to take off, orient itself, and land than a smaller, more maneuverable aircraft. Our smaller aircraft can also access more airfields than larger commercial craft, because some smaller airfields are simply too small for the larger jets to use for takeoff and landing. These greater options translate to greater flexibility. You never have to worry about Jet Class One overbooking a flight to stuff it full, for example. We are here to accommodate you, and not the other way around. Unlike when you fly commercially, you don’t need to change to suit us. We will change to suit you. You are the most important person in the equation to Jet Class One. You, and your satisfaction, are the reason we exist. Are you ready for a better travel experience? Are you ready for a flight that is superior to every other one you have previously endured? And are you ready to look at air travel, not as something to be endured and survived, but as something to enjoy?

Instead of waiting around for commercial flights to become available, or dealing with disruptions to your schedule caused by previously unannounced changes when commercial flights are canceled or delayed, you can control your own schedule when you fly with us. Being able to control your schedule, and not operating at the mercy of a major commercial airline’s whims, is a tremendous benefit to you. It all but eliminates wasted time and lets you focus on what you’re trying to do, rather than how you’re trying to get there. Most people turn to driving in order to have control over their own travel schedule, but cars are much slower than aircraft. Yes, when you drive, you travel according to your schedule. You control the travel conditions, you control the environment, and if you want to stop or take a detour, you do. The major disadvantage of driving is of course the comparative amount of time it takes to make your way overland to your destination. A car ride of a few hours is tolerable to most. When a car ride of, say, twelve or thirteen hours is compared to a flight that is a fraction of that total time, people’s attitudes change considerably. This is doubly true when traveling with children or infants. Trying to take a multiple-hour car ride can be excruciating, if not impossible, when you do so with children in tow. When the travel time extends to a multi-state road trip, the prospect of being trapped for days in a car with young children becomes a test of endurance and patient. Many children are too young to withstand such a ride. By contrast, when you fly, a trip that might have taken you days by car can be reduced to a few hours at most. Air travel does not become truly long until you leave the country. Domestic flights are all mercifully brief by comparison. And with our network of jet stations around the country, you will have your pick of a variety of departure and arrival options. This is all good for you because it increases your options while decreasing the hassles that you will face.

Private Air Travel Is More Cost Effective, More Time Effective, and More Enjoyable

Forget what you think you know about traveling by air. The old model of traveling commercially no longer applies. When you travel with Jet Class One, you are getting a far better experience, tailored to your time and your schedule, on your terms. Forget what you think private air travel costs, too. There are a number of hidden costs associated with private air travel. We’ve discussed them elsewhere, but let’s review just what is you’ll face if you choose to fly commercially on the theory that you’re saving money.

First, there is your time. What can you do with time that has been wasted? It is lost to you forever. It cannot be used to do anything productive. It cannot even be used to rest. When your time is being wasted, you will not feel relaxed enough to rest. You will be stressed out and worried. Every year, especially during peak travel times, you will see news stories about air travelers trapped in airports, sometimes forced to sleep in the terminals on uncomfortable chairs or on the floor, waiting and waiting to be served by airlines that seem powerless to actually help them. Part of this is due to the general inflexibility of such large organizations. A major airline can hardly be expected to reroute a massive jet airline to help just a few people whose flight has been canceled. Large airlines don’t have that kind of latitude. They operate in a kind of puzzle-work of rules, regulations, and passenger concerns, virtually guaranteeing that the only way they can do their jobs is to disappoint everyone equally. Individual passengers’ concerns simply cannot be considered. This is why flights get canceled and delayed and passengers are left hanging. This is the only way the commercial airlines can or will do business. You must conform to their inconveniences. They will never change to conform to, or to relieve, your own problems. In the mindset of the major airlines, you will take you what you get, and you will like it.

To that wasted time that is canceled and delayed flights, consider the long layover of some commercial flights. You often cannot fly directly to your destination because there simply aren’t enough commercial planes to account for every single desired departure location and destination. That means you’ve got to search through airline schedules to find a flight that takes off from where you want it to go, then a connecting flight that you can conceivably reach, to take the next leg or legs of a flight that will eventually get you to your destination. This can add up to considerable cost by the time you’re done booking all these flights, and you can take one of two approaches. You can construct an elaborate house of cards that will collapse the moment a flight is late and you miss a connection, or you can leave so much layover time between flights that you’ll be bored out of your mind in between connections (substantially adding to your overall travel time). It’s not inconceivable that some layovers cause a flight time total to be so extended that it would almost be more efficient and more cost effective to travel by car or bus. That should never happen. It should never be the case that you must settle for a flight that long, that inconvenient, or that stressful. Shouldn’t travel make you happy? Shouldn’t just getting to your destination be the simplest part of modern life?

We think it should be. Jet Class One is set up accordingly. When you book with Jet Class One, you get the best possible experience. It’s better than you’ll get from the commercial airlines by far, because it has to be. We have the kind of flexibility that they do not. We have the leeway and the freedom to focus on you personally in a way that they do not. Booking a commercial airline flight is almost guaranteed these days to leave you feeling stressed and oppressed. We say stressed because of all the extra time required, and the fact that you don’t have much control over things that might make you late. We say oppressed because the whole time you fly commercial, you are under the thumb of, and at the mercy of, people who don’t necessarily have your best interests in mind. Commercial airlines deal in volume. They move the most possible number of people and they do it in the aggregate. That leaves a lot of room for individual flight experiences to poor, as they often are. Search any social media site and you’ll find plenty of airline horror stories. Even a commercial airline flight in which everything goes perfectly (which is understandably rare) is at best tolerable. It’s nothing enjoyable. When you debark a plane, do you so with more energy, feeling refreshed and ready to go? Or do you do so gratefully, feeling tired and unhappy as you move forward to whatever it is that awaits you?

Jet Class One takes the travel experience and makes it enjoyable. When you fly Jet Class One, when you take one of our empty leg flights or you book a private charter with us, you get our absolute best each and every time. From the first time you book with us to the next time you fly with us, we will leave you singing our praises. Get together with us. Book a flight with us. Let us answer your questions. Let us walk you through the process. Jet Class One is absolutely the best in the business, and that’s a promise we will gladly prove out to you whenever you choose to step aboard one of our aircraft. Be the VIP you were born to be. Contact us today.