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Welcome to, home to premium first class service for all your personal and private jet needs. Ranging from personal private jet charters, to empty leg flights, Jet Class One specializes in on-demand travel wherever you want to go. Whether you’re looking to book a one-way private jet at the last minute or if you’re looking to plan a nice long getaway, we got you covered! With jet centers located in hundreds of small and large airports all throughout the nation, it’s no wonder why our customers rave about us and it’s why they keep coming back for more!

How Do I Book a Flight?

Booking a flight with us is simple. However, there are two distinct and separate processes depending on whether you are looking for a last minute empty leg on a jet or if you are pre-planning a jet charter service. All empty leg jet flights can be found on our website and booked directly on our website. Have a question like how much does a private jet cost or how do I book? Pre-planned charters can be booked by calling us directly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What’s Inside a Private Jet?

Flying private is one of the greatest way, if not the greatest way, to travel, period. But if you’ve never flown private before, then you’re probably wondering what’s all the hype about and really, what’s inside of that special plane? Courtesy of loudounaviation, here’s an inside look into a typical private jet. From easy access on and off of the plane, that’s just the beginning of one of the special attributes. With fine luxurious finishings, state of the art technology, and the most comfortable seating arrangements you could imagine on an airplane, the inside of a private jet offers dreamy features and facets that no one could resist.

If you’ve never taken a peek inside a private jet, don’t worry, the vast majority of people on this planet will never set foot inside of one, but with modern technology and hypermedia spreading photos and videos rampart across the internet, it’s easy to find images and video inside of a private jet. The best part is, we’ve done that work for you so you can just sit back, relax, and hit play to see what’s really inside of a private jet. So take a peak inside a Dassault Falcon in this video and see for yourself what’s inside!

About Us

Jet Class One came about to fill a void in the jet transportation industry and in the air transportation industry as a whole. Until now, there has been a huge gap between flying commercial and flying private. And while it seems like flying private is out of reach except for the uber elite, this isn’t the case. This was the problem that we set out to solve and we firmly believe that we’ve solved it with great competence.

You see, when you fly private, it’s not about getting from point A to point B anymore, it’s about flying in luxury, style, and convenience. No more waiting in long lines at the airport or having to arrive hours before your flight. No more lengthy security checks or missing baggage. The convenience is so great. Just arrive at the airport 15 minutes prior to your flight’s departure time, hop on, and then you’re off in style. With first class amenities and beyond, it’s hardly comparable to flying like you’ve ever experienced before on a typical airliner.

How Easy Is Flying Private?

If you’ve flown commercial your entire life then you have an understanding for the complexities involved with getting from point A, which is technically your home, to point B, which is the dwelling of y our final destination. You see, while many consider “Point A” to be the city of the departure airport, you need to take into consideration the time it takes to get from your doorstep to your actual final destination. If you add up all that time, short distance trips can actually become quite lengthy on a typical commercial flight.

When it comes to flying private, that’s a whole different story. Sometimes you can cut your travel in half by flying private. Because there are so many small airports all throughout the country, instead of driving an hour to your local commercial airport, you may only need to drive 10 minutes. And instead of having to arrive 1-2 hours before your flight, you only need to arrive 15 minutes prior to departure. And, private planes are typically smaller than big commercial planes, so they can climb, or ascend, more quickly into the sky, and then descend more quickly, allowing quicker access out of and into airports all around the country. Thanks to Jonathan Stewart for putting together this quick video, check out how easy it is when traveling on a private jet!

Empty Leg Flights

private jet charterJet Class One is proud to offer an extensive collection of empty leg flights available for purchase directly through our excellent customer service team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Empty leg flights require more flexibility than standard private jet charters, but these empty leg flights are highly discounted, usually from 50-90% off standard jet chartering rates.

How do empty leg flights work and why are they so affordable? It’s a great question because the private aviation industry is not completely well-known to many people, but the truth is that it’s pretty simple. Most private jet charters are one-way flights, which means a passenger or group of passengers are dropped off at one location and then picked up several days or weeks later by a different private jet. Why? Because the private jets can be used to charter different passengers during that time. So what this means is that after a passenger is dropped off at one location, the private jet typically has to fly to another location to pick up its next passenger, which means the plane is completely empty. Jet chartering services would rather receive a small sale for these flights rather than nothing, so they offer these flights at highly discounted rates. We work with tons of jet chartering services to compile an extensive list of last minute empty leg flights available all year round and at hundreds of airports throughout the country.

Favorite Destinations

New York

private jet charter

New York is the biggest city in the U.S. for good reasons. Sure, some reasons go back to history when the U.S.A. was established, but those reasons aren’t relevant considering it’s been hundreds of years since its inception and establishment as a city. The reasons for which New York city is so massive and grandiose has to do with its exuberant and exploding financial economy. Powerful and high ranking business men and women from around the world come to meet like-minded successful business executives and their preferred method of transportation is undoubtedly private aviation.

Flying in an out of New York is so easy. With a huge variety of airports both small and large and with a combination of helicopter transfers and shuttles, New York is one of the best cities to fly in and out with a private jet. The obvious larger, well-known airports include JFK, La Guardia, and nearby New Jersey’s Newark. The smaller, easier access nearby airports include Westchester County and Teterboro airports. No matter which airport you arrive to or depart from, helicopter transfers to/from Manhattan’s east or west side and avoid the notorious traffic, enjoy spectacular views, and arrive in a matter of minutes.

Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is home to a number of famous nicknames including the City of Angels, Tinsel Town, Silicon Beach, and many more. With a unique and diverse array of topography, architecture, lifestyles, businesses, and entertainment, Los Angeles encompasses everything for whatever it is you may be looking for from a carefree lifestyle to extreme hustle and bustle. It’s no surprise that the preferred method of transportation for the rich and famous in L.A. is private aviation, from private jets to private helicopter charters and empty leg flights. Hop off your private jet, grab a surfboard and hit the beach, then suit up for the office.

L.A. offers an amazing selection of public and private airports to satisfy your private jet setting needs. The larger, more well-known airports include LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and Long Beach (LGB). Medium-sized airports include Burbank (BUR) and Van Nuys (VNY). Smaller-sized airports include Hawthorne airport (HHR), Torrance Zamperini (TOA), Santa Monica (SMC), and surrounding airports in Orange County and Ventura county.

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